More About Me

Lynnea has always had a passion for helping others. Whether it be work or play, Lynnea unfailingly finds opportunities to help and support her community and people close to her. Her joy is evident and contagious while working to better the lives of others.

After graduating from The Ohio State University she began a career in social work where she assisted both children and adults with developmental disabilities. She loved seeing tangible results within her community, and she knew that there was even more she could accomplish. Lynnea returned to school to further her degree of influence and successfully obtained both a second degree and her Master's in Education from the University of Dayton.

The additional education paired with Lynnea's existing experience with social work allowed her to further impact her community. She utilized her experience to teach inner-city youth within the Ohio educational system for 14 years. Seeing sparks ignited in these children was a joy that is difficult to surpass.

Lynnea's dedication and excellence in multitasking while earning those additional degrees allowed her to not only finish her schooling but also begin a family with her husband, Brad. The McKay's are high school sweethearts and have been loving and supporting each other since 1996. In 2017, Lynnea and Brad, along with their two children, a dog, and two cats embarked on an adventure. They packed up their home in Ohio and moved to the Tampa Bay area. It's been a true adventure and decision that they have never second-guessed.

Continuing to utilize her love of education and helping others, Lynnea joined the Price Group Realtors in St Petersburg, Florida to help people within the Tampa Bay, St. Pete, and Southern Hillsborough County areas find their "homes," not just a "house." Lynnea loves to lead, guide, and help others as they embark on the adventure of homeownership.

"Lynnea McKay sells Tampa Bay," but when she isn't, she enjoys cheering on The Ohio State Buckeyes! Time is also spent with her two kids swimming, beach time, and watching them in their activities of horseback riding, lacrosse, and drawing. Lynnea and her husband are always up for entertaining friends and family.